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8382c253406d31bc8d38b10c0a2348b8 by Zadie39
Plot by :iconflyingpastakitty:  
Written by :iconzadie39:

There was little girl the age of merely 3 years old , she had very tattered (h/c),(h/l) hair, her face was paled and blue to the rim, to most people passing by she looked like a ghost,she had been wandering for 3 days, having a very high fever, she had been limping and hadn't eaten , she was very thin,like a twig about to break, she had many bruises from head to foot, she had no idea how she had gotten then she had merely awoke in an alley 3 days ago, she was wandering back to her so called 'Home' back in the ally , she kept having fainting spells , Waking up then fainting on the spot not remembering what had happened before, she had fainted in the middle of the snow covered sidewalk, Many people passing her by not caring looking disgusted at her, people glaring at the poor girl, 
the snow slowly building up on top of her,

============Norway 3rd person perspective============
Norway walked slowly forward heading home, as he approached closer, He spotted something laying in the snow , he noticed people making a huge attempt to avoid  what laid there, When he was only a few feet away, he found that it was young child , her hair was coated in a small flakes of snow,she was very thin in fact almost to thin to be real?, he eventually knelt down to her side.

he noticed that her breathing came out in short ragged breaths,he placed a hand against her flushed face he flinched and pulled his hand away instantly noticing she had a bad fever," I have to get this child home" he muttered , he picked her up gently , laying her head  on his chest, he then took her home hoping he could make her better
================LE TIME SKIP!!!================

____ woke up ,blinking her small (e/c) eyes, she blinked a few times before her eyes adjusted , she heard arguing in the kitchen and followed the sound,

""Say it!"
 "No! I will not say it!"
 "Say it!"
 "I'm not a child anymore!"
"Oh come on~ you know you want to!"
____ walked up to Norway and hugged his leg " Onii Chan~!" 
" AHAHAHA!!! SHE CALLED YOU A GIRL!!" Denmark started laughing his ass off
"....." Norway walked over to Denmark Strangling him with his tie, ____ began to giggled clapping her hands, "......" Norway Walked over to her picking her up " Onii Chan~!" She sang ,"  I think she is Gender confused..." Iceland said " Neji!" he holds her closer , " Awwww!! At least she called you her older sibling, Can you call me big Brother to?" Finland asked
"SANTA!!" She pointed, Finland gasped, Finland Pulls Sweden down " h-h-h-how did she know!!" " W'o K's?" he said Shrugging " Maybe it's a coincidence?" Iceland Shrugged , Norway looked at him "....?" " ONII CHAN ONII CHAN ONII CHAN!!" she then glomps Norway " WOAH!!" he yelled falling backwards " BE MORE CAREFUL!!" She burst into tears running and hiding somewhere in the house," LOOK WHAT YOU DID!!" Finland yelled enraged, Sweden nodded, Denmark fainted on the ground from being drunk off of beer!, " WE NEED TO FIND HER!!!" Iceland said flailing his arms, they all search the house finally finding her hiding under Norway's bed! " Come out Sweetie~! Did mean ol, Mister Norway yell at you?" " I'l G't h'r" Sweden said reaching to grab you, He pulled away rubbing his hand letting out a small whine " s'e , s'e b't m'!!" Finland shook his head " Thats not how you handle children , he grabbed a teddy bear " Come on out Sweetie i have a gift for you~!" Finland smiled , ___ came out slowly " SANTA!! " She hugged the teddy bear to here chest smiling " TANK YOU SANTA!!"she said kissing his cheek, Finland Blushed a huge red, red enough to put even Spain's tomatoes to shame, " She's so cute Can we keep her?" Iceland said Hugging her , Everyone Nodded and turned to Norway pleading " Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?" they all asked "...." he sighed " Fine alright But she is staying with me at night alright?" Everyone agreed

=============TO BE CONTINUED!!! IN THE NEXT CHAPTER!!=======

Created by :iconzadie39: and "iconflyingpastakitty:
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